System of the Heart is proud to present a quality event based on IOPT theoretical studies with Ms Vivian Broughton. It will be conducted as an online series of seven live lectures with the option of attending a short live workshop to demonstrate the practice involved.

Vivian's Thoughts on this lecture series:

"IOPT is a theory of thinking on the topic of the impact of traumatisation, and I am interested in making this information available as widely as possible. The issues that start in the individual and in the home have profound effects on the wider global community. These ideas are as important for the individual as they are for any therapeutic practitioner, and within the much wider socio-political realm.

"All the trauma in the world comes originally from children trying to adjust to family environments that are sometimes crazily impossible for them to understand and manage." "

Vivian's Profile

Vivian trained as a Gestalt psychotherapist at the Metanoia Psychotherapy Training Institute in London between 1987 and 1994 and was originally accredited through Metanoia and the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP). In the 1990s she came into contact with Bert Hellinger and his Family Constellations work. She realised there was something creative and valuable in the process Hellinger devised for accessing unconscious material and organised a training in the UK in this work between 2000 and 2009.

She met Professor Franz Ruppert in 2004, and since that time has devoted her professional life to following his developing ideas.  In 2008 she began working exclusively with his theory and method, and subsequently resigned from the UKCP since she no longer agreed with some of their criteria for membership. 

She has edited the English translation of eight of Franz Ruppert’s books on the topic, has written three of her own books, one on Family Constellations and two on Ruppert’s work, and is currently writing what she hopes is a definitive text book on IOPT as developed to date. She lives and works in the UK, and also in many other countries, teaching and supporting new and developing IOPT practitioners worldwide.

Identity Oriented Psychotrauma Therapy (IOPT) is a ground-breaking theory of psychological trauma developed by Professor Franz Ruppert, Munich. In these lectures Vivian will present a detailed look at IOPT theory in a series of presentations on the following topics: 

We cannot properly understand what trauma is and what its impact on us is if we do not understand various other topics, such as what Identity is, how the Psyche functions, how we survive and manage trauma, what it means to live from a biography dominated by trauma, and how deep and pervasive are the resulting dynamics of trauma that we call Victim-Perpetrator dynamics. 

Lecture Topics

Lecture 1: WHAT IS PSYCHOTRAUMA? – a detailed look at the definition of trauma and its dynamics

Lecture 2: IDENTITY AND THE SUBJECTIVE ‘I’ – a detailed look at what identity is, and the question: Who am I?

Lecture 3: WHAT IS THE PSYCHE? – what do we mean by this word Psyche, how does it work, and why should we know?

Lecture 4: THE INTENTION METHOD – how can we resolve early traumas

Lecture 5: THE TRAUMABIOGRAPHY – what is our traumabiography?

Lecture 6: PERPETRATORS & VICTIMS – the dynamics involving perpetration and victimisation

Lecture 7: SURVIVING TRAUMA – how to we survive traumatic experiences and manage our emotional reactions?

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