This is a closed group Professional IOPT online facilitation training by Prof Franz Ruppert

for practising IOPT Facilitators and for aspiring IOPT Facilitators who have at least attended any form of training with Franz Ruppert or are in the process of attending.

**for anyone who requires some financial assistance or want to check on the qualification to attend, please email me at 

ALL TICKETS are in Singapore dollars.

This is an international workshop. This workshop will be conducted in English. (Translation option is currently not available. Please arrange for your own translator and inform Jia Huey for the coordination.)

Online Facilitation Supervision Training  Series :

This training series is opened to 35 participants who will complete all 5 workshop modules together. Each participant will have 2 seats to be utilised in the 5 workshop modules. The 2 seats are made up of ONE Supervision seat AND ONE Personal Working seat with Prof Franz. Please read below for the seat description. 


Personal Working Seat will be carried out in the following format:

Your own process will be facilitated by Prof Franz with his latest updates


Supervision Seat will be carried out in following format:

You as the Facilitator will be assigned to a classmate in the workshop (by lottery)  to facilitate as training case study

Facilitator can be supported by Prof Franz as hands-on guide when you are stuck at any point during your facilitation

Prof Franz may share his feedback and provide tips to improve your facilitation

There will be opportunities for participants to ask Prof Franz questions 


Training Support Alumni Group:

All registered participants of this workshop will become Alumni and will be added to a Facebook Closed Group for any support - where you can ask any questions about facilitation. Prof Franz will answer your questions every month through a Zoom recording. 


Training Schedule: 

Please book your calendar for the First Workshop Module:

Time stated is in Singapore time  GMT +8

Note on time zones: Kindly check the timing for your own region as your region may have daylight savings for different months. The time in Singapore is the same all year round!

In the case of any unexpected circumstances that the date of the event has to be changed, you will be notified at the soonest. 

Please note that there will not be a make up sessions should you miss any modules.

Venue: Online Workshop, you will be sent more information after registration.


Payment  Arrangement:

Each module is SGD850 

Total training fee: SGD850 x 5 Modules = SGD4250

To confirm your registration for the Online Facilitation Supervision Training  Series (5 modules), please purchase the ticket via this page. 

or via bank transfer to:

Beneficiary name : Rhemaworks International Pte Ltd

Account number :  072-005949-2

Bank name : DBS Bank Ltd Singapore

Swift code : DBSSSGSG

Bank code : 7171

Branch code : 072

Please take a screen shot of the bank transaction and email to to verify your transaction. 

Please complete your balance payment within 30 days, otherwise your seat will be given up. In this case, your deposit paid can be transferred for use of other workshops organised by System of the Heart.


Training Objectives:

  • Sharpen your facilitation skills with Live feedback from Prof Franz
  • Learn practical facilitation tips that you can immediately apply to improve your practice
  • Gain more practical experience and knowledge from observing other facilitator's facilitation
  • Stay align with the latest IOPT theory and method updates from Prof Franz
  • Standardising and improving the quality of IOPT practitioners to uphold the good faith of the works


Training Methodology:

The top 2 key pillars of being an effective facilitator are:


1. Continual exploration of your trauma with the Intention Method

Our childhood traumabiography has every impact on every area of our lives. This also has an impact on the words and actions we take when we facilitate a process. We cannot 'turn off' our traumabiography. Hence, often unexplored pain and childhood experiences may become our personal blindspots in supporting our clients. The danger of not being attuned with our own trauma puts the facilitator in the danger of being entangled or triggered in the facilitation process and may lead to a Victim-Perpetrator interaction with the client. The worst case scenario would be for both the client and the facilitator to be retraumatised in the process. Taking our own trauma seriously and with empathy will be helpful in increasing our efficacy as a facilitator.


2. Continual honing of your facilitation skills 

IOPT facilitation is combination of art and science. There is no specific guidebook as every trauma experience is unique in itself and hence with the process. It is important to be equipped with strong theoretical understanding of IOPT and have practical opportunities to understand the theory in practice especially from the founder of IOPT, Prof Franz Ruppert.



Notes: In the registration form, kindly provide your experience with IOPT for verification purposes.  If any false or inaccurate information is to be found, your workshop fees will be forfeited and you may be disallowed for attending future workshops.


If you have any questions, feel free to email Jia Huey at

Participant Experience from the 1st Online IOPT Workshop with Prof Franz

Scroll through the testimonials left by our community!



Thank you Christine and team for this successful event! 👏🏻👏🏻It was a very insightful and moving workshop. Although this is the first time its done online but it went really deep! Thankful for the ones doing their work today and being so brave to have the clarity that will help you find back your TRUE "I". Sending lots of 💖💖💖


United Kingdom

The power of technology enabling the support of emotional connection, healing and a time when the world is being asked to social distance in the daily escalation of a pandemic of panic and fear… being able to support, connect and learn with >60 people from around the world is fantastic 💕💕💕 #KeepCalmandIoPT


Hong Kong

Thank you Christine and team for organizing the workshop. I feel privileged to be one of the participants witnessing Processes done during the workshop, they are so deep that my heart feels for everyone of them. My own piece of work shown clarity about how I am entangled with my mother’s pain, and that I could not see my own pain, a deep sadness flows in. And then I made a promise to myself that I will connect with my “I”, to fully experience “I”.



I liked that there were a lot of attendees, that the processes were very deep and meaningful, experiencing the new way of handling the intention, seeing all the familiar faces that I miss, the organization and the timing. I would like to thank Dr. Franz for all his insightful thoughts and never ending learnings, also for the fact that he is always looking to improve the method and make it as helpful and as easy as possible. Thank you so much Christine and all the team for being so proactive and always thinking of ways to help people with IoPT. This was a great workshop and I will be looking forward to more similar activities in the future.



So thankful for this amazing online workshop. Wonderful! Thank you Christine and team to make this wonderful workshop happen. It’s incredible!!



To experience that the online event has the same value as face to face and perhaps even more intensively connected. I have only words of gratefulness. Each time I meet Franz Ruppert I get and take the opportunity to open up my heart more towards myself, to acknowledge my trauma's and recognize some of my surviving strategy's. Even as an observer. And I also like the quick development of Franz Ruppert. I am also very grateful towards Christine of organizing this first online IOPT event. many thanks and it was very well organized! this was a very groundbreaking workshop.My heart is jumping of happiness. I am so happy to have been part of this event, thanks so much you all. 🤗



Thanks everyone for holding the space.. I thank Christine for bringing IOPT to us. I learnt a lot as a mother and as a daughter..



My pleasure and thank you for the perfect organization 🙏🏻. I am impressed. Good to experience that IoPT constellations also can be done on this way. Great to be (a little bit😌) part of the team. Thank you🤗


Below are the conditions of the workshop and if you do not agree please do not register. We treat this online workshop like an actual workshop and also take the clients' trauma very seriously and if found that you are not abiding with any of the following, legal actions may be enforced. This is to ensure a safe healing space for everyone who are observing and learning as well as those who are doing their own works.

1.This is a closed workshop and it is not open to the public. We only post it on related facebook groups that are run by trained facilitators. Those who registered will need to have someone who knows about IOPT works or have attended/ observed a session or workshop with a trained IOPT facilitator who is up to date with Prof Franz Ruppert Method. We will ascertain this. 


2. Due to the private and confidential nature of the workshop, STRICTLY no forms of recording or capture (eg: video or audio) will be allowed during the workshop.


3. Please note that each ticket seat is strictly only for one attendee. If the tickets are found to be misused, you will not be able to attend future online events. However in view of poor internet connection, a couple ( with two tickets) can share a laptop.


4. There should be no bystander or onlookers - the sessions should be attended in a private place where you are alone in the room. E.g Strictly no children running around/ spouse or partner walking around. You must be in a completely private space. You can excuse yourself to go to another room and attend to your kids/ other matters if need be - but no one else should be allowed to browse the zoom event out of curiosity or for any other reasons.


5. Everyone is required to agree on a virtual google form of all the non-disclosure and conditions and without your submitted copy, you are not allowed to attend the workshop. Kindly complete this Groundings Form before the workshop.


6. This workshop attendance is strictly by registration, non-registered guests will not be allowed into the event. On the actual day, every single person will be identified and VERIFIED by our admin staff and the state of verification will be visible to everyone. All non-verified guests will not be allowed in the room.


7. The nature of this workshop addresses trauma and emotions. During the workshop, emotional support hotline will be available should you feel triggered during the online workshop.


8. During the workshop if you feel that you are too overwhelmed by any processes, you may choose the following:


Mute the video and spend some time self-processing the emotions

Off the video - ( still logged in) and go grab a drink, go for a walk or listen to some music.

Exit the session totally

at any point of time, please feel free to connect with your assigned therapist during the workshop - they will be supporting you.


9. You are required to set up WHATSAPP app and add Jia Huey's mobile +65 91737743 into your contacts. Then say hello through whatspp and indicate your registered name. This must be done before the workshop. This is to facilitate any technical or emotional support needed

If you have any questions feel free to contact Jia Huey ( Jia Huey is a manager of System of the Heart).


See you there!




Watch a BASICS video recording emailed to you before Saturday. Step by step instructions will be in the video.

Further instructions will be given during the workshop.

You are required to log in 1 hour to 30 min before the workshop starts so as to iron out any technical questions - this will be supported by a 5 member team. Please log in Early to test your audio and video.

If you feel you need clearer sound, you may want to look for an earphone with microphone functions as you will be speaking in the workshop. You may also plug into a speaker. Please ensure no one else in the room or house can hear. The content is private and confidential.

Any other questions can be asked via the whatsapp when you texted Jia Huey and said hi.

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